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Super Soccer Noggins Super Soccer Noggins
Pick your Super Soccer Noggin and Lead them to victory in various wacky tournaments! There are plenty of upgrades to help boost your Noggin and and a few powerups in game to help or hinder your performance!
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War Wings War Wings
Gear up and don your helmet, the BEST WWII Aerial combat game is here! Get into the cockpit of your fully customizable, historically accurate "warbird" and experience the most epic World War II aerial dogfights ever!
 - Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with ally squadrons to control the skies - Compete against millions of players worldwide - Destroy enemy squadrons and climb global PvP leaderboards
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Bowling King Quickfire Bowling King Quickfire

World's Greatest 1-on-1, Multiplayer Bowling Game

Bowl against players around the world and become the Bowling King!

  • Bowl fantastic alleys around the world: Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris & more!
  • Collect over 60 gorgeous bowling balls, custom pins & lanes to show off your class
  • Real-time, 1 vs 1 multiplayer with superfast matching!
  • Beat the missions in Challenge Mode to rack up a ton of awesome rewards!
  • Play with your friends anytime, anywhere!
  • Win big on the Slot and Roulette minigames!
  • Over 120 Achievements to unlock as you rise to the top of the Rankings!
  • Multi Language support : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

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More... is a Massive multiplayer online game. Control your snok and trap other players! Grab food to grow your body, become the #1 and dominate this world!
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Andy's Golf 2 Andy's Golf 2
Reach the holes with the fewest shots possible!
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Draw, guess and win! That’s what Gartic is all about. 100% online and free game! Every round, a player is chosen to draw something for the other players to guess. After achieve the goal of points, the first player will be declared as the winner.
Miniclip on Facebook | Miniclip on Twitter

Beachball-bullet-hell Beachfighting! Choose boy or girl and hit the sand to pelt your opponents with beachballs and other lethal summery projectiles. Level up for boosts, rack up score for leaderboard domination and collect all the achievements. Marvel as you grow ever more impressive in the swimwear department!
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Shop Heroes Shop Heroes
MANAGE YOUR FANTASY ITEM SHOP Upgrade, expand and customize your shop in order to become the most prosperous across the Kingdom of Aragonia. HIRE AND TRAIN UNIQUE WORKERS Employ talented workers, unlock hidden blueprints, advance your workers' skill sets and keep your shop fully stocked with inventory. CRAFT HUNDREDS OF EPIC ITEMS Explore dozens of recipe trees, craft epic equipment, gear your heroes for combat and be the first to craft the elusive Dragon Slayer. ENLIST POWERFUL HEROES FOR QUESTS Recruit mighty heroes to raid treacherous dungeons, unlock strategic hero powers and defeat powerful bosses for epic loot. BUILD THE ULTIMATE CITY TOGETHER Team up with your friends, invest to expand your city, collaborate among yourselves and build the most prominent city together. DOMINATE THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Trade legendary items, loot and special resources with friends to help each other claim a spot on top of global rankings.
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The internet sensation is now on Apple and Android!

- Grow your cell, eat others and avoid being eaten

- Climb to the top of the leaderboard

- Choose special usernames to play with secret skins

Play in free-for-all, teams, experimental or party mode.

It's cell eat cell out there!
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More... is a 10 vs.10 multiplayer action game, where two teams engage in fast paced sea battles. You will seamlessly jump into a game and join either “Team Red” or “Team Blue”.
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